The Good and Bad About the Best Kitchen Countertop Materials

With the right materials, your countertop can greatly complement your kitchen at home. There are plenty of materials to choose from when replacing your kitchen countertops, and while each one might have its pros, these materials have cons to consider as well.


The upsides of this material include its amazing visual likeness to stone, without the accompanying maintenance requirements, resistance to damage caused by knives, pots and stains, and its availability in many different colors and patterns. The downsides, on the other hand, include the material’s vulnerability to chipping at the corners and edges and the requirement of a professional for repairs. In order to avoid chipping, rounded edges are recommended.

materials for countertop remodeling


The compelling reasons for getting a granite countertop: each piece of the material is entirely unique, it comes in colors normally hard to acquire with different materials, it isn’t easily damaged by scratching, cutting or heat, and the material is highly resistant to staining with the right sealing. The few reasons that might deter some from using granite is its need for occasional reapplication of sealant, and as with quartz it tends to chip at the edges and corners.


You might want to choose a laminate countertop because of its inexpensiveness, painless installation and appealing look due to high quality printed surfaces, but it is also tough against heat and stains. The only real con to look out for is its ability to experience permanent damage from cutting on its surface. However, this one issue is easily avoided with the use of a cutting board.


Marble is definitely a classic material for counters, with a great look that fits in most kitchens. You should, however, consider its vulnerability to damage from heat, nicking, cutting and scratching. It is easily stained as well.

Solid Surfacing

Countertops with solid surfacing come in a wide variety of patterns and colors, with an even sleeker look due to nearly invisible seams. This material resists most stains as well, but it is unfortunately susceptible to scratching and cutting. Cuts and scratches are fairly easily repaired, though.

Recycled Glass

This material can bring a great modern look to your kitchen, with large shards serving as unique decoration. A majority of recycled glass countertops perform well in stress tests, but the issue with this material is that it tends to differ between brands. Depending on where you purchase the material, it might be easily scratched and cut, or cracked by heat.

When looking for materials for kitchen countertops in or around Aurora, Illinois, there are kitchen remodeling companies that can help you determine which material is the best to pick for your counters.

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