Christmas is that time of year that makes many feel comfortable in the middle of the winter, a rarity for the most part when temperatures are approaching the subzero range. There are many decorations that can help maximize that comfort, giving you home the Christmas spirit to make it the best day of the year.

Here are some unique ways to make your home feel like Christmas this season.

1. Light Up Your Hallways with Ceiling Lights

ceiling christmas lights

One type of home decoration that many don’t take advantage of is ceiling lighting in the home. You can easily string Christmas lights in your halls to make for a colorful and vibrant display throughout the inside of the house.

2. Ice Lanterns

ice lantern

Another great mood setter is the ice lantern, which is available in a wide range of colors and can add a cool lighting effect to any room. You can use ice lanterns to light up outdoor stairways and other areas outside the home, complementing your Christmas lights. During the cold months, they should stay frozen for a long period of time.

3. Gift Wrapped Doors

gift-wrapped front door

While your making your box-shaped house look like a gift-wrapped present may seem like a fun idea, it’s probably not the most practical. However, you can easily make your front door look like a gift with some large strategically placed ribbons.

4. Holiday Door Mats

Merry Christmas door mat

You can complement your decorated door with a decorative holiday mat that gives guests a warm holiday welcome to your home. Many different designs are available, and they’re inexpensive as well.

5. Decorative Napkins

santa's hat napkin

Make your dinners and other meals Christmas-y with unique folded napkins. Consider making elf or Santa hats to get your table into the Christmas spirit. Santa Santa! He’s comin’ to town! Yes, he is!!

6. Christmas Light Garlands on Stairwell

Christmas light garland

Another great piece of decor for the inside of the home is a Christmas light garland. There are many creative ways to mix lights and fabric garlands to form a colorful display that leads people up and down the stairs.

7. Cotton Ball Snow

cotton ball snow strings

Want some snow that isn’t cold and won’t leave a mess in the home? You can easily make snow using cotton balls on strings. Hang them anywhere: the front porch, down walls, on the backs of chairs, and many other areas.

8. Pinecone Owls

pinecone owl

If you like snow owls, but don’t necessarily want a live one just to put you in the Christmas mood once a year, you can make some using pinecones. Give them pipe cleaner feet and felt faces and wings; they’re easy and fun to make.

9. Santa Hat Chair Covers

Santa hat chair cover

It’s another idea with Santa hats! Use Santa hat chair covers to make your kitchen table chairs look like hats that people can sit against! Yay! Santa Santa Santa!

10. Santa Hat Door Vase

Santa hat door hanging vase

Want to shove stuff in a Santa hat? Shove flowers and crap into a vase that looks like a Santa hat hanging from your door. Then you’ll have Santa hat chairs and a Santa hat door vase, and Santa hat napkins and Santa Santa! Santa Santa Santa!! Santa Santa Santa Santa!!! SANTA’S COMIN’ TO TOWN!!!!¬†… sorry, I appear to have¬†gone a little mad. It happens this time of year.

Anyway, with these decoration ideas, you can make your home look great throughout the holiday season.

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