Most of us have that one specific living room or bedroom corner in which we just cannot place anything, despite numerous interior designing tips from people. Even the most creative people get stuck when it comes to giving interior designing advice. It’s not that it is particularly difficult or complex to place something there. It’s just that a perfect item has to be placed which will then with the whole room.


To make your task a whole lot easier, I have listed below 12 very creative and interesting interior designing tips which will completely transform the whole look of your room:

  • Corner furniture

Perhaps the simplest solution to fill up an awkward corner space is by fitting in a piece of furniture. This could be a small sectional sofa, a couch, or even a settee. This will not only add to the sitting space, but will also prevent it from sticking out from the rest.

  • Corner storage

Awkward corners can often be used to store some of your possessions. By making a small shelf or mantelpiece, you can display some striking showpieces. In addition, you can include some photo frames of your kids, and all memorable moments. If you are in the mood to show off a bit, just place all your trophies.

  • Simple display

Decorative corner shelving units or decorative pedestals make for great items when it comes to filling up spaces. You could hang up some pretty artwork or even some hanging plants to add some life to the dull corner.

  • Create a sitting area

Sometimes even a large and open room requires a bit of privacy. For a mid-sized room, simply place a single, outward-facing, high-backed accent chair with a small coffee table. Or you can also place some small tools where children could sit. This not only instantly adds some structure, but also allows for some degree of privacy.

  • Insert a fireplace

If you are out of ideas on what to place in that corner, why not a fireplace? If you are thinking of it to be a completely outrageous idea, it actually isn’t. Nowadays, you can find tons of fireplaces of various sizes. Made very differently, they can be used both as a stylish piece of furniture as well as for heating purposes.

  • A cozy nook

If you are short on space and looking for a functional and resourceful function, you can make the corner a reading corner. By making small shelves or cabinets which will house your most favorite and prestigious collection of books, simply add a high-backed couch, an ottoman, and a small coffee table.

  • Fulfilling your entertainment needs

Nowadays, you can make storage spaces on order. So why not take advantage of this and create a storage space for your plasma. By doing this, you make sure that your electronic applications do not become the center of attraction.

  • Add a game table

Why would you need to waste a whole room to incorporate some form of game when there is the corner sitting idle? According to various interior designing tips, you can either place a chess table there with small tools. Or, if you are a foosball fan, that can also be accommodated there in the corner.

  • Light it up

If you are not in the mood to spend money on furniture, you can simply decorate your corner with some beautiful hanging lights. This will not only light up the entire room but also make the corner look attractive.

  • A snazzy workspace

If you are looking to create both a smart and decorative workspace, this would be the perfect utilization. All you need is a desk, some shelves, and a good lamp and you’ll be good to go!

  • Use glass walls

If your house has a beautiful view and you don’t know how to make use of that, simply convert the walls into glass.

  • Sculptural greenery and style

By adding some contemporary furniture pieces or some exotic plants, you can instantly switch up the whole look of the place.

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