While there may not be too many days left to enjoy the Summer this year (well, depending on where you live), you can still take advantage of the summer months to decorate your home to suit the season.

Here are some ideas.

1. Grow Palm Trees in Your House

indoor palm tree in pot

Nothing screams summer like “palm trees!” If you want to bring summer into your home this season, start by growing some palm trees indoors. The obvious way to do this would be to use pots of suitable soil to grow it in, but why be boring? Go ahead and dig some holes in your floor, place some appropriate soil in them, and plant the tree. This will make your home look more like a natural palm tree paradise.

Of course, they need sunlight to grow properly, so either install UV lights overhead, or cut holes in your roof for some skylights to encourage growth.

2. Remove All Windows and Doors Completely

home without windows and doors

Don’t close yourself up like a vampire during those Summer months. Take full advantage of the weather by removing all of your windows and doors. Try being imaginative and pretend you’re at summer camp, and consider placing mosquito nets over those holes in your home rather than blocking them off with glass and drapes. When visitors come to your home, they’ll feel like they’re practically living outdoors, complete with real palm trees grown right through the floor!

Until Fall, store all windows and doors in your basement remodel or other storage area and forget about them. They’re no longer needed.

3. Turn Your Kitchen Into a Functioning Tiki Bar

home tiki bar

Why settle for a bland, boring kitchen in your home throughout the season when you can make it the hub of the neighborhood? Do you think your suburban neighbors who get drunk every day after work and get even more plastered on the weekends want to visit some boring indoor bar downtown? This could even tempt them to drink and drive after enjoying those seven margaritas and rum runners.

By turning your kitchen into a fully functioning tiki bar, you’ll be the talk of the town as neighbors both drunk and soon-to-be-drunk flock to your home.

Start by placing some bamboo chutes around the kitchen and glue them to your kitchen cabinets and refrigeration unit. Then do the same to the ceiling. Cover your kitchen counter in African grass, purchase some kegs, buy a draught tap, gather some cases of beer and bottles of liquor and mixers, and place a sign outside of your home saying “Get Your Summer Drink On Here!”

Talk about enjoying some conversation. And if someone manages to capture your fancy, you can invite them to spend the night at your home, which is right there!

4. Place Seashells All Over the Floor

seashells on shore during sunset

Ever walk on the beach? A lot of beaches have a lot of seashells that make it hard to walk in bare feet. But a lot of them are pretty, and there’s no denying that they make it feel like Summer when you see them. Why not put them in your home? You’re already halfway to a natural habitat what with all of the palm trees and wildlife coming into your home now that you have no windows or doors. What’s a few thousand shells to add to the atmosphere?

So, the next time you’re at the beach (if there’s one near you), collect as many shells as you can. I’ve used a specialized battery-powered wet-dry vac to pick them up along the shore; it works magic. You can also purchase them online, I’m sure. Someplace out there sells crates of them, I can imagine.

5. Turn a Bathroom Into a Swimmable Aquarium

man in swimmable aquarium with fish

Most homes have more than one bathroom, but why do you need more than one, really? Why not turn one into an aquarium that replicates the beauty and feel of the ocean? Go ahead and turn one of those lavatories into a certified sea aquarium.

Start by deciding which bathroom you want to transform. Then remove the bathtub, toilet, sink, mirror, and any other things in there. Then build a glass box around the entire room, complete with a decompression chamber to allow you to walk in, with a space between the dry side and the wet. Then you’ll want to buy some fish. I recommend clown fish, Betta fish, and other colorful species. If you’re really brave, try to buy a shark from somewhere; I’m sure you can get one somehow. Then drop them in the aquarium once it’s full of salt water, with some lighting attached to the wall, and you’ve got yourself the most fun thing in the house.

Again, if you want additional sunlight for this thing, cut a hole in the bathroom ceiling to allow some natural sunlight. The fish and sharks will probably need it anyway.

These are simply some of the ways to decorate the home for Summer. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments!

2 comments on “5 Fun Ways to Naturally Decorate the Home in Summer

  • Great tips! I’ve thought about doing this stuff before, especially the aquarium. I’ve always wanted a bathroom aquarium in the house. Thought it’d be a hit at parties. I think I might just do that. Now I just have to talk to my landlord about it first, see if they’d be okay with that. They probably will. I can’t imagine they’d protest. I can make sure they won’t, in any case.


  • Well, a year later and I’ve done all of the above, unfortunately much to the chagrin of my landlord, who evicted me soon after and laid a hefty fee of about $50,000 on me. I’m suing her, though, so hopefully I’ll be able to be back in that lovely apartment once I win the lawsuit, enjoying the all-natural lighting and the aquarium, although I think all of the fish including the hammerhead shark have either been relocated or died. I just need to find a good lawyer. Can you recommend one to me?


    Mark Bacon

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